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Our Story

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

We have been making pizzas for 40 years using the same method. No additives such as enzymes, preservatives or improvers find their way into our dough!

A slow fermentation of at least 24 hours is key to the taste and keeping of the product, which can last a number of days at ambient temperature. This is due to the creation of lactic acid in the dough, a natural inhibitor of mould growth.

We use very little yeast and very little salt. Our recipe is very simple, using the best 00 flour, wheat germ, semolina, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. We use wheat germ to add back the nutrients and fibre, as this is removed during the flour making process.

Once the dough has reached its optimum fermentation, it is then pressed and hand finished before being par-baked on a stone. View our full range of products here.



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