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This great way of getting our products to you is ideal for pubs and food outlets nationally who can’t take large orders or where our distributors don't go. We sell a limited selection of our products on our online shop, please browse through and if you have any queries before buying please call us.


Orders can be made 24/7 but to receive delivery on a Wednesday, orders must be in by 11:30am Mondays. Any orders made after 11:30am will roll over to the next week.

Please note we are closed on Bank Holidays, therefore orders through post will arrive on the Thursday.

We will be CLOSED on bank holiday - Monday 26 August.

Orders will be posted on Tuesday instead and arrive on the Wednesday.



Traditional Stone Baked Bases 
(Come freshly baked, posted on Tuesdays and can freeze on arrival)

9” - 40 bases in a case | £37.95

10” - 40 bases in a case | £43.95

12” - 25 bases in a case | £33.75

14” - 20 bases in a case | £37.00




Neapolitana Style Bases 
(Sent freshly baked and can freeze on arrival - we will call you to arrange delivery)

11" Plain traditional Neapolitan style bases

- 16 in a case | £37.60

(Only 4 cases at a time - not available as individual cases)

(Made to order - we will call you to discuss delivery - can take up to 7-10 days lead time)

Panizza - regular 7" (folded flat bread)
- 100 units £69/69p a unit + £10 delivery

- 200 units £138/69p a unit - no delivery charge



Traditional Dough Balls with Sour Dough

15 x 250g Traditional Dough Ball £32.99

We have only added one dough ball size to our website for venues to trial before going to distributors. Please note due to cargo and frozen protection packaging being included in this case, the price is higher than going to distributors or collection. Please feel free to call us to discuss. 

Please browse our shop, we have made combination boxes which allow free delivery when in multiples of 4.

Delivery charges will be made when buying individual cases or in 2s.

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