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We started working with Ugly Bread Bakery at the beginning 2014. They opened their doors November 2014 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. They use our bases, flat breads and have created their specification focaccias and more with us. The part baked pizza bases work well with their concept as they are a day time venue working with minimal space and working with fresh dough wasn't an option for them. They create their own toppings and said they have a big return of the same customers. Return custom ensures you are doing the right thing and is key to your success.

Suede is a cool day/night venue. They have worked with our dough balls since they opened and have very high ratings online like our other case studies. Situated in the heart of Nottingham their cool relaxed concept with delicious pizzas has been a great winner for them. Their most popular pizza is the 14 inch base. Their experienced pizza chefs from Italy have complimented our products and said how authentic they are.


Clean Cut Kitchen started in 2017 and their concept is healthy fast food on the go. With this in mind and their high demand we were able to create a high protein flat bread. They fill this bread themselves and toast and serve over the counter or to eat in. We are more than happy to create products like this and look forward to working with you closely.

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